In this introduction to Argentinean Tango, Al Gates of Tango Chicago will teach complete beginners the basics of Tango, making the learning experience fun and easy. Whether or not students have a background in dance, they will soon be in command of Tango fundamentals which, in turn, will give them the confidence to hold their own in any social situation involving dance. The most challenging people are those who have never danced and who believe that learning to dance is as painful as having a tooth extracted without Novocain.

Problems range from those who can't hear the beat of the music to those who can hear the beat but have trouble walking without losing their balance. Still others have a social or psychological phobia of the intimacy involved in interacting with total strangers. Whatever liabilities students bring with them, Al can help even the most fearful students move forward,. beyond their limitations to become dancers in no time at all.

The lesson objectives for men entail being able to count to eight and walk smoothly in a straight line on the floor; becoming one with the music by differentiating the beat from the melodies; putting simple individual elements together that look beautiful when danced in sequence; and learning how to give strong, clear leads for their female counterparts.

The basics for women, on the other hand, involve learning to walk while caressing the floor which requires great posture, balance and timing; learning Tango technique or mechanics of a certain dance element and how those mechanics feel when being lead; hearing the music and discerning the beat that we dance to from its ancillary melodies and additionally (this is the hard part for the woman) only responding to the rhythm as led by the male leader.

Men and women alike will learn technique issues such as body language, following/leading skills, how to be present in the moment, how to do turns and pivots necessary for smooth transitioning between steps, how to claim their own space within the dance; and how to demonstrate presence or attitude.

Students will immediately respond to Al's "hands on" teaching style, the individual attention he gives each student in a group setting, his painstaking attention to detail, and, last but not least, his contagious sense of humor. Ultimately, Al trains students to hear the music on their own and to interpret how they want to dance a particular piece of music while at the same time improvising steps in the moment, with their partner. The dance thus becomes a work of art in motion.. Ten couples can be on the dance floor listening to the same orchestra but because you are allowed to interpret the music according to your personality, creativity and artistry, each couple will look totally unique. This is the beauty of Argentine Tango.


Al is also available to teach your guests Tango
at that special home or corporate party,
or provide entertainment and demonstrations
for all kinds of events.